Visitors to Pieria can take advantage of a wide range of day excursions within the region, organised by the local Tourist Agencies. Visitors can also get away from the crowds by making use of the reasonably priced local taxi services or private transport.

In north Pieria you can visit the beaches, the historical sites and the wetlands of Alikes. Take the coast road from Alikes to Agathopouli to the Aliakmonas Delta and you will see nature in all her glory, historical monuments and picturesque villages.

In Central Pieria there are several rewarding routes, notably along the edge of the Pieria Mountain Range through the villages along the main roads from Katerini. One of the least used and most scenic is that from Riakia skirting the mountain side towards Veria. Recently resurfaced and little used, it offers magnificent views across the Macedonian plain, running through superb country.

The road from Katerini to Elassona also passes through dramatic scenery, climbing the pass between Pieria and Olympus to the summit just beyond Agios Dimitrios, where you can turn right and climb to the picturesque traditional small town of Livadi, clinging perilously to the mountain side.

Finally, excursions in South Pieria can be taken in the area around the beaches near the Castle of Platamonas along to the wetlands of Nei Pori. Historical sites, superb scenery and traditional villages are to be found in a beautiful natural setting.